Laem Chabang, Thailand.

Sunday 31st March 2019.

The weather was 37°C and humid. We heard that, from our ship there was a Mall nearby the port. It was about two miles away, but we had no way of getting there, we could not walk through the port. We found the taxis wanted US$30 to go there or US$13 each to go by coach to Pattaya beach. There would be unlimited shops and restaurants and three shopping malls, all air conditioned so we took that option. We ran from one cool mall to the other and just looked at the beautiful long beach through the windows. For Florie and me a beach is a beach, seen one, seen them all.

In the first mall, we could buy designer tops, hats, men’s underwear, trainers, presents, and they had free Wi-Fi so I could update my computers. But my email provider had other ideas and came up with a problem so my email to you all did not go!

The second cool mall was more upmarket and had most of the things we needed. Here my back pack got loaded up for the return journey at 4pm. In the meantime I people watched a fascinating place to do it. Every race and creed mixes here, making a weird combinations of people sometimes, and sad at others, and once or twice heartbreaking to see.

The whole place reminded me of Clacton or Blackpool. But this was very, very much bigger and horrendously busy, roads, pavements, shops all packed with people. When the coach arrived to pick up its load of hot sweaty short tempered people there were ugly scenes. People from 3 coaches all tried to get on the first one to arrive, because they had had enough of the blistering heat under the unrelenting sun.

I was OK I was on a floor above, looking down on it with a cold beer, in my hand. The Thai locals just walked past the foray as if they had seen it before. Eventually the coach left full to the brim and Florie and I went down ready for the next coach to arrive. We got on this with no trouble, thank goodness, but the seat back was broken and I ended up in the lap of fella behind. Then I had to sit up straight all the way back to the port, but that was no real bother.

Back aboard we emptied our bags in our fridge and it is once again full of beer. Above it our snack cupboard is full of tubes of look-alike Pringles, in four flavours all very interesting tastes, we have two tins of mixed nuts and some very different types of snacks, so we are in for interesting evenings trying them out.

I’ll say good night from a very hot part of the world.

Nib in the air conditioning.

About Don Graham 333

Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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