A very British Christmas Lunch with close Friends.

On Saturday Florie and I were invited to lunch with close friends, Hilda and Jack (names changed) are two of the most wonderful supportive friends it’s possible to have, they live just a few miles up the road from us, but we do not live in each other’s pockets, but I will say they are responsible for getting me through a very bad patch in my life some years back.

We got there at 12.45 pm when most of their guests had already arrived; two of the couples we knew and the other two were new to us.

Hilda is a Drama Queen so whenever we meet up with Hilda and Jack we know it is going to be a show, we are usually greeted by The Front of House Coordinator (Hilda) and The Production Manager (Jack), who has usually foreseen all the possible hitches and guides the production crew round them, Jack is a wonderful man, caring to the inth degree, I always feel inadequate when I am with him as he diplomatically copes so well with everything.

He, greeted us at the door and took us through to the lounge where Hilda was holding court and seeing to the needs of her other guests, giving snippets of information and building the tension for the show to come; Jack followed us in with glasses of drink for us and went on topping up glasses and jollying his guests along, all of us are well retired and doing quite well for our ages.

Twelve of us, including our hosts, were all mixed up and either catching up with each other’s or making new friends. One couple we didn’t know, were very nice, and only lived across the road from where we were stood, he turned out to be part of the entertainment that was yet to come, another two couples I didn’t get to talk to, yet another couple were mutual friends of our hosts and us and are always a pleasure to meet up with, the final couple are mutual friends again, and I get on well very with her, a poor downtrodden lady who puts a brave face on things, but he is an utter stinker, who you cannot trust within 50 yards of any woman under 60 years of age. I was polite to him for me, and just ignored him rather than cause a scene, he come from the same working class background as me, we were born within a few miles of each other but he now speaks with and affected accent that would put the queen to shame.

After a few minutes chat with other guests our hosts called us in to partake of the buffet they had laid out, which looked scrumptious and tasted really nice. The drinks flowed like water but half of us drove so we had to limit our intake. Feeling stuffed with good food we started on the entertainment which was in the form of a quiz, Hilda handed out paper to put or answers on and then became the question master after making sure we were all partnered with somebody else’s wife or husband, so I wasn’t partnered with Florie when she won the quiz, as she often does (she is one knowledgeable woman).

Then we were entertained by our hosts playing the piano and singing, the way we have done in Britain since Victorian times, but not many people do it nowadays, we had a variety of songs, and a solo or two, from a nice man with a good voice.

Hilda banged away at the Joanna (a grand no less) in the corner, while a number of guests sang different pieces, some of them read poems and others bits from the bible, and yet others a piece about the First World War.

Finally there was coffee and mince pies before we all broke up and went home with presents from our hosts.

Hilda and jack have gone through a difficult year fighting health problems and being there for neighbours when their health became a problem and taking comfort in each others’ company on their respective roads to recovery, this get together was Hilda and Jacks way of being with close friends and saying that you and enjoying each other’s company.

A wonderful time was had by all and all were sorry to leave, but we all had some age related difficulty of driving in the dark.

My Sincere thanks to Hilda and Jack


And to my Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site, I trust you enjoyed it and I hope you have a good time with your friends and family over the festive period, I look forward to your return in the New Year when I will be posting more when I go on holiday, may your New Year be full of success and happiness.

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Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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