Baie Comeau

Another day another port this bad picture is the view as we approached the quay;


we are in Baie Comeau with a population of 22,000. Started by a newspaper tycoon who built the paper mill, the area now boasts hydro electric production and an aluminium smelter so the area is very much a working area, although, it’s population is in decline, as the young go away for the final part of the education, they see more opportunity elsewhere and do not return so there are problems ahead for the shrinking community; we were taken by enthusiastic local volunteers on a school bus to the town centre a short distance away,


our walking tour of their main street took only a few minutes, it has about 26 shops of which 8 are empty, looking sad with “For Rent” in their windows, making me feel concerned for the town, the buildings are all low, two storey, square blocks with nothing to distinguish them, we were back on the coach on our way back to the cruise terminal within 30 minutes. This is a view of the street.
This was one of the shortest visits we have had partly due to the strong winds that made the 6°C temperature feel even colder, cutting through our clothing like a hot knife through butter, all the locals worked hard to welcome us and tried hard to make something of our visit but after a quick stop at the cruise terminal to download all our emails we were quickly back in the comparative warmth of ship.
Cold Don

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Word blind in one eye, bad tempered and only a broken pencil to write with, I don't stand a chance!
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