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As you will have gathered I am back in the land of Internet Connection, Hurrah.)

Our ship travelled a long way up the beautiful fjord to the Baie at Saguenay
the views when we arrived were stunning; a large bay surrounded by tree covered hills in the noon day sun,
the little town nestled in the far end spread up the slope, access to this part of town is through the $33 million Millennium Terminal,
the locals had come out to greet us warmly with circus acts and songs; the whole area we saw is spotless, wooden shiplap houses white or light grey in perfect condition,
the roads empty of traffic, you would have difficulty committing suicide by throwing yourself in front of a car here as the odd cars that we saw were moving so slowly and they stopped for you if you even looked like you might cross the road, really the whole place looked like a film set everything set out neatly, plenty of room for everything church, repossessed office furniture shop, dentist, art gallery, an Attorney at law and a hotel that looked closed, nothing of any daily use, we subsequently found out that La Baie Ha Ha is just a borough for the rest of the town, a half hours drive away; we walked around for about an hour in the sun but it was bitterly cold in the strong wind, the most useful place for us was the cruise terminal where they had stalls selling locally made items and there was a cafe for snacks, but the most popular for the majority of the passengers was the free Wi-Fi enjoyed by everyone who filled every seat and standing space in the large area. In retrospect we would have been better getting the bus into town had we have researched it first; but things have been very busy.
Don in Ha Ha Baie

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