Montreal – Quebec

In Montreal

Good morning, I hope you are keeping well, Florie and I are in another coffee shop after disembarking the ship a short while ago, since leaving the Atlantic Ocean a few days ago we have sailed 700 miles west and down the St Lawrence River to land here in Montreal, I was ambivalent about getting off the ship as on the one hand, here I am in an exciting city thousands of miles from home with lots of wonderful things to do and see; on the other hand, it’s cold and windy with dark grey skies threatening rain and the desire to find a nice warm bar aboard ship and sit drinking is strong but Florie said “We’ll go,” and here I am and when I have finished this I will upload it to the blog site and then get out onto the Montreal Streets (sidewalks).  AU REVOIR!

After posting you my last diary we started our own walking tour of the city continuing up Rue McGill up to Victoria Square and into La Ruelle des Fortifications a magnificent covered public space between buildings in a square block with spectacular architecture above shops cafes restaurants and ladies hairdressers,


where Florie had her hair done while we were there exploring the area; complete with new hair style we left there and went across the Square and went into Victoria place an office block where, in the basement were more shops and eateries where we got a light lunch so we could explore more of the city before making our slow way back to the ship via Pointte-A-Calliere, the Museum of Montreal ending up on the roof at the very top of the building taking photos of the ships at berth in the harbour and giving us a wonderful view of the whole area,


it was just a shame that the skies were grey and uninteresting, the museum was just a across the road from our ship and got a short rest before we had to take part in our second full passenger emergency drill in two weeks just before we left port for our next port of call.  I’m sorry I haven’t been more gushing or descriptive about Montreal but there is only so much you can say about city blocks of offices, I can say that my experience of Canadian Cities; I have learned that they have a lot of shops and eateries below grown as the winters are so cold some cities have miles of streets lined with what in Europe would be above ground, it makes sense when its -20°C outside.  At dinner that night a fellow table companion celebrated his birthday and he treated us to a drink with our meal, nice chap.


After dinner the entertainment was ABBA and Florie wanted to see it.  The theatre on the ship is on one deck and the auditorium rises slightly towards the back, it is fitted with fixed curved settees for 200 people then they put free standing swivel chairs for 200 in front of the settees, these chairs are higher than the settees, meaning when the auditorium initially fills with the first 200 the settees are full then people sit in the swivel chairs blocking the view of those behind, got the picture?  We got into the theatre later than normal and despite that got a seat in the centre at the back with a clear view, great; a minute before the show started a well made couple sat about two rows in front of us but only blocking part of the view but seconds before the lights lowered two giants came like two medium sized brick walls and sat immediately in front of us blocking the view of five of us in the row completely, the chap next to us leaned towards us and whispered “I guess I’m just born lucky,” as we all strained to see the head of the odd dancer and a few waving arms of the showgirls.  Later that night about 11am, Florie was in bed doing saw impressions when the Captain came on the public address system and told us a fault had developed on the bridge and that the ship must lay at anchor until it was repaired by a specialist and as a consequence of that we would be late getting to Quebec.

Late Don

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